A weekend in Paris: Top ten go sees!

Sitting down to write my first travel blog is a fairly daunting task (Phew! first sentence down). No, seriously though I have wanted to do this for ages but always kept putting it off for no apparent reason other than laziness, its my cross to bare!



Top Ten go sees:

  1. Head to the banks of the Seine and eat your weight in baguettes with cheese and wine and soak in the sun (YUM and a good Insta opportunity)
  2. Head to a rooftop bar (like Nuba- very hipster chic, expect a que and dance/electro music)11751403_10206387581582149_2654663629314382542_n
  3. Go on a free walking tour… it helps to get your bearings and its so fun!
  4. Head to the Ritz to have a cocktail where Hemingway was known to have a tipple or two
  5. Buy a bag in Dolce (LOL!)
  6. Eat a macaroon from Laduree with a hot chocolate from Angelina (v famous molten hot chocolate) and sit in Tuileries Gardens in front of the Louvre and enjoy!10418270_887548367928608_2857751411214727400_n
  7. Go to the Paris catacombs… some of the girls I went with loved this, I got the creeps!
  8. Disneyland (just because its magical!) take a pic with a princess and PLEASE stay for the light show it’s life changing. Not an exaggeration…. 10382999_699006510136081_3450103225260561154_n
  9. Go to the famous Laperouse restaurant (very pricey but just grab a coffee to help the budget) and see where ballerinas and actresses were showered with diamonds by men besotted by them. The scratches on the mirrors where they checked if the diamond was real is still there. Oh to be a ballerina….
  10. Take time to just sit outside a Parisian restaurant drinking coffee or wine, eating biscotti and just look at the passersby…. Cheers*



Tip- French Style is understated and classic so do with that what you will!

Thanks for reading,

Shauna x





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