Aperitivo and cocktails in Rome?

Rome is beyond stunning in every which way! We went to the famous Freni E Frizoni to see what the fuss was about. Translated as Breaks and Clutches, Freni E Frizoni is a converted garage on the river. This is a hipster chic spot with heaters in winter to sit outside and people lounging on walls drinking their whiskey sour. V cool.

Bad influence

In Rome it is customary to have at least one experience of apperitivo which means you buy a bevie and get a free buffet of salads, pasta, bread, oils and my ultimate fav, olives. Win win! We ended up having a boozy late lunch and came here for apperitivo instead of a big dinner which meant we could stuff our faces again.

Faux Fur opitional.


The cocktail list is gasssss! It looks like a fab comic from back in the day with very hipstery names for each drink. The Ramone Fizz or the Wakalue to name but a few. The Mojito though, by a mile the most fresh, strong, zingy and minty bevie I have ever had. Highly Recommended!


Tip: Freni e Frizioni lies in the Trastevere burrow so grab a taxi but either know how to say Trastevere or write it down. We ended up getting lost in our taxi because he couldn’t understand our wonderful Irish Italian translation. How odd. 

Happy reading,

Shauna x


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