Pink Hair, Don’t Care.

As a very recent blonde I was pretty hesitant about changing the integrity of the new blonde. Then I reminded myself that I am 23 and I can do whatever the fuck I want. So I went baby pink. Yes, I am a nurse and I work in a hospital but I just went semi-permanent as a compromise. I went with Bleach London semi-permanent dye in Rose because it was the easiest to buy and the gal in Boots said it was the best seller.

Follow the instructions on the bottle and just remember to WEAR GLOVES!



I LOVED how light the pink was. A real baby pink. Very spice girls-esque. Leaves hair soft and feels as though nothing has changed.

With my spice girl!

By day 2 the color had weakened considerably but I will say I went surfing for an hour so the salt water could have stripped it much quicker so take that into account too.

Barely there Rose on Day 2

I will use the semi-permanent Rose dye again in a heartbeat because although it didn’t keep past 3 washes, it makes sense when I have to go back to work. It didn’t change my color integrity at all and actually was nice and soft after application. Hope this helps..

Happy reading,

Shauna x




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