You need to check out Zakura

So you looking for a fab spot in Dublin to chill with the girls, get drunk with your gf or bf on you own booze or sample some absolutely delicious Japanese cuisine? Zakura is a FIND! Here is why…..

  • The prawn and avocado sushi is out of this fricking world. Only 7 euro which is ridiculous because the portion is MASSIVE!
  • The Ramen (we like the chicken option) is a meaty, veggie and sumptuous array of flavors. The Ramen is filled with fresh veg and a broth that would cure the common cold it’s so light but dense in flavor. FAB!
  • Its BYOB! Own wine/beer/spirits mixers, the lot. No corkage. Need I say more?
  • Please, just say its your birthday. You’ll understand why when the dessert comes out. Think naff music, all staff and customers singing to you. Just lie if you have too! It’s GAS!
  • I have sampled all of the dumplings with my fam and friends and the absolute winner is the Ebi Gyoza steamed dumplings. Think chive and prawn and soy dipping sauce. YES!
  • If you head with someone who doesn’t like the taste of sushi etc. the Katzu curry is an option that never fails to impress!

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Zakura is located at 7  Baggot Street Upper Dublin.

Ps: I have no pics because I have it eaten before I remember. Not a bad complaint I suppose.

Happy Thursday,

Shauna x


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