Festival Season

With festival season drawing to a close and the glitter getting packed away for another year I can’t help but wonder which festival was best?

Four Festivals. Four Months… In order of appearance..

  •  June: Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival, Bundroan Co. Donegal  Ireland
  • July: Longitude, Co. Dublin Ireland
  • August: Vfest, Chelmsford, Essex, UK
  • September: Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland


Sea Sessions was so brilliantly different to any other festival I am used to. So compact that the main stage was the small tent in comparison to the bigger festivals. When the sun sets as you party on the sand (instead of mud/grass) you can see the Atlantic- AMAZING. The smaller bevie stations were hilariously packed with deadly people and absolute tunes.

We ended up paying 99 euro for 3 nights in the Surf Lodge Bundoran, Co.Donegal which is a fun surf hostel. It included 3 nights bed and two 2 hour surf lessons. Couldn’t recommend this more it was a different and seriously cool way to see the West Coast.

Highlight:  Tinie Tempah making 3000+ people sprint from one end of the tent to the other.



Longitude is next up! I went for one day (Saturday) as there is no camping and travelling there from Dublin city costs 10 euro a day on the shuttle bus. One day was loads of time to see everything. Longitude was a lot of pretty people pumped into a few fields bopping along to djs  (mainly house music- dear God am I the only person alive that needs words in their songs. Just me? Ok cool). The Comedy Caravan and the amazing weather were the best things about the festival. It was fun but lacks a little imagination. However, the food was out of this world. We got an outstanding pitta bread boat with spicy chicken, tangy mango, buttered rice with a creamy remoulade. Nom!

Highlight: The raspberry mojitos from the Bacardi stall. Worth the trip. 


Vfest took a little more planning for us (10 bessies heading across the pond). Four of us took the ferry with two legends of girls that drove from Holyhead to Chelmsford (Fun, but make sure you have your festival band ahead of time or you won’t be let in if you miss the box office closing time). The rest of our pals flew to Stanstead which suits perfect.

Vfest’s lineup was outstanding! No words can describe how fucking brilliant it was. The fact that you leave the campsite at 3pm and don’t come back til 12pm. Madness. My top acts were Little Mix, Jojo (obvs), Tinie Tempah, Years and Years, Bastille, Big Sean, Rihanna and Walking On Cars. Justin Bieber was destined to be my favorite but apparently he was hungover but I couldn’t tell because I wasn’t able to hear a word he said (or sang) because the sound was so bad on the first day. The sound picked up so well the second day so it was ok. I imagine someone got fired because the speakers weren’t working…. AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL! Also there are no after music activities which is a little disappointing.   With all that said…. the music and the craic was great so it was well worth heading a bit further afield.

Highlight: Dancing with my brother and my best friends under a red flower with a beer in our hands. OH and driving past Chipping Ongar (HILARIOUS NAME!)


Electric Picnic, my third time in the Stradbally forest and it’s always the festival with the most charm, imagination and ingenuity of any festival I’ve had the pleasure to go to. It is literally 30 minutes from my house so it suits me just fine in terms of travel. Electric picnic went for a much more alternative line up this year which was cool. Trailer park, the Heineken sound atlas and the Orchard Thieves Motel were absolutely GAS! They were by far my favorite spots at the festival. The silent disco was a haunt of ours just such good tunes until 4am YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! The rave in the woods is also worth a visit just to see hundreds of people tripping on roots and swaying to songs with no words. The Girl Power Sing-A-Long was the epitome of feminism and with the Repel the 8th issue so relevant in Irish society at the moment, it was really lovely to see everyone who supports women there dancing away to Cher and Destiny Child.  Amazing festival!!

Highlight: Dancing to Take My Hand by Picture This with my love, Sean. 


Happy Friday,

Shauna xoxo


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