I’m a magpie. Are you?…

Are you a magpie? Do you act like a child at Christmas when you find a bargain? FAB! As autumn is in full swing! I’m buzzin’ for the autumnal colors and falling leaves. I absolutely adore buying key metallic pieces to sass up any snore worthy outfit. Even better when you get them for next to nothing, right? >>> Here are a few of my recent purchases…

WARNING: this post is very shoe heavy!

I bought these boots three weeks ago in Penneys. They are not for the faint hearted and very similar to marmite it seems. People either love them or absolutely hate them. My mam’s choice phrase ‘They are different Shauna’… JAYSUS! I have to say though I LOVE them! So fun and can be worn casual or dressy no probs.

Penney’s best 17 yoyos!

I literally wear this clutch with every outfit on every night out. My sister Kate gets migraines at the thought of anyone clashing gold, rose gold or silver but I like to embrace the clash! Sometimes it works out well, other times not so much. This is life kids.

Penneys 8 euro!

Another Penneys metallic haul (I may have an issue with shiny things) comes with yet another pair of sparkly sneakers and at 13 euro they are for nothing! I love these rings to bits, some of them are a little naff but all together and I feel like i’m telling people’s fortunes which is always good. Right?


My last pair of sneakers come from Topshop. I have been pining after these all Autumn 2016 season but couldn’t actually allow myself to indulge as I am saving for a few upcoming ventures but in Dundrum I saw these beauties in the mid season sale so needless to say they became mine. They are gory with jeans, I am in love!

Topshop 15 yoyos!

So if you like a bargain and sparkly things as much as me don’t be afraid to treat yo self! All in store or online now …

Happy Wednesday,

Shauna xoxo



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