Charlotte Tilbury’s festive advice x

Brown Thomas invited Charlotte Tilbury to her counter for a festive meet and greet, needless to say it didn’t take much for my sister Kate and I to nab a ticket. The ticket was 55 euro but it was redeemable with products which was such a good deal. Walking toward the que there were proper fangirls with their phone at the ready to get a snap this inspirational woman. Music, prosecco by the bucket and makeup? YES PLEASE!

‘Darling Shauna, You are a Golden Goddess, Rock Chick, Bombshell, Dreamy Look. Love Charlotte Tilbury x

Charlotte spent loads of time with each ticket holder. She explained what look (of her named looks) would suit you individually. On my box she wrote that a golden goddess, rock chick, bombshell and a dreamy look would suit me. She was super complimentary and sweet with a hint of sass. My sister is a major beauty junkie so she was excited to get advice from the guru.


I was dying to get the golden goddess palette. The make up artist looked after me so well and explained how I should use the palette to enhance all of the other shades of eyeshadow I like to wear. The 3rd cube in the palette has a glitter effect that can be used on top of any color eg. copper, blue, black smoke or brown and golden. It doesn’t change the integrity of the shadow you already have on which is the dream.

Golden Goddess 50 euro

I also indulged in a lippy called ‘Secret Salma’. I told the makeup artist that I really wanted something not quiet nude but demure so that I could wear it over Christmas with any look. Charlotte had said that I should use a bold lip so this seemed like a good compromise as I already have ‘Glastonberry’ (which is similar to Media in Mac). I loved how the lippy felt so I went for it!

Secret Salma 30 euro

I also ended up nabbing a lip liner called ‘Pillow Talk’. The make up artist herself was wearing it and it looked so clean and moisturizing I had to try it. I loved the color under ‘Secret Salma’ but apparently it can be worn under any color AT ALL! Even red you ask? EVEN RED! I’m gonna give it a go and be the judge of that.

Pillow Talk liner 22 euro

Such a fun night with my gorgy sister! Charlotte was fab, the advice was key and we got a little tipsy on prosecco. Happy Festivities all round bitches!

Happy Thursday,

Shauna xoxo


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