Pop Up Dinner & Week Ten Ballymaloe

The pop up dinner was a few weeks in preparation in aid of Slow Food Ireland which will help local schools develop gardens and learn to grow. Our theme was ‘Stepping in to Spring’ which reflected the transition between winter produce and new growth. As budding chefs it seemed very fitting.

Phoebe and my top knot

Phoebe and I were leading the front of house and creative team and Colm was a very capable head chef. They were the most amazing people to bounce ideas off of and to keep each other sane.

Starter of Beetroot and Labneh

Setting up a pop up restaurant is daunting but after going through it all I would love to do it again. We were lucky to have the produce available to use on the farm for both the menu and the decor. We used an array of kale flowers, jagged kale, rhubarb and chard to dress the tables and the areas around the lobby. It took our creative team weeks to produce the crepe flowers that hung from the rafters. A lot of long nights were had by all. In the conservatory we changed it into a greenhouse so that our guests’ could plant a seed in egg shells and taste some edible soil and truffles. It was pretty cool if I do say so.

My 1st Wreath

The pictures were taken by Daniel Callen (Ballymaloe’s resident photographer), I completely forgot to take any pictures because we were running around up to the last second. Thanks Daniel ❤

Thanks to everyone who came and made it all worthwhile ❤

Daisy our Mascot ❤

I was sick as a dog after the pop up dinner. I crashed hard., resulting in only one cook last week as Paddy’s day we were off. On the Thursday I cooked a warm salad of kidneys, straw potatoes and caramelized onions. With this I baked a foccacia with kalamata olives. I don’t cook kidneys, however I thought it was pretty cool preparing them and now knowing what to do if the situation ever arises again. I have a feeling it might :/


Shauna xoxo


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