Asparagus Lady

What have I learned in the past two months? It’s simple. If in doubt always say ‘YES CHEF!’… even if you have no idea what they need, how to do a task or if they blame you for something that had nothing to do with you. Find out how to complete the task and earn enough respect that the chef may rethink if the mistake was solely yours. That is the best advice I can muster for future commis chefs etc.  With that said, personally I have learned so much about how to organise myself, work clean and follow commands. In the past month I have been on cold section which takes concentration and serious amounts of finesse and patience. Something I don’t have a lot of experience with but I am getting there ❤



I started off in service with new season green asparagus with salted plums and blackcurrant shoots drenched in a live Fjord shrimp broth. With no experience in service, only as a waitress I was super nervous but it was a kind transition to learning the expedition of food process and needing to be quick in service. Simply, it was the symmetrical placing of asparagus on top of each other in a perfect circle. Easy. Needless to say after 2/3 weeks with my tweezers in my hand I was happy to say adios to asparagus. I was sadly mistaken, my relationship with asparagus was about to reach new heights.


I then welcomed our white asparagus pillow filled with grated white asparagus, almond oil and asparagus juice. Now this was a challenge. My fab gal and fellow intern Manu became ‘Asparagus Ladies’, as our head chef Kristian Baumann affectionately liked to call us. Gas in fairness. And he wasn’t wrong. This dish was difficult and in service it took planning and perfect execution otherwise it sadly came back from the pass with a disgruntled look from a sous chef describing it lovingly as ”disgusting”… YES CHEF! The technique constantly needed revision and honing but eventually I got it right and chef stopped service to show everyone my asparagus dish. I went a new shade of pruce. Very unattractive. Hearing this was fab in a way because I finally felt as if I wasn’t an impostor in the kitchen.


Since then we moved onto a summer salad of greens from 108’s farm and courgette flowers. Foraged flowers are forced by me and a few others into a bouquet shape and we ‘make it beautiful’ like Woody (sous chef) likes to say everyday ❤ This is a very new dish so we and constantly tweaking and adapting to suit the produce from the farm. We have an event this weekend in the restaurant and Manu and I are the flower girls hoping to build 100 perfect bouquets of flowers. Wish me luck yeah?

KWEEN and I on the other side of the table @108

I realize I have been MIA on the writing front but I work crazy hours and on my days off Copenhagen is just too fun not to explore, see my Instagram for photographic evidence. Tak!

Shauna xoxo


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